About the company

Purple Team is an expertise based boutique consulting firm that is focused only cyber security, specifically on the problems of security on the cloud.  You will need us if you have a problem in ensuring that your security is adequately provisioned or if you need a partner to ensure that your product will be ready for a broader eco-system level deployment.


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Sridhar has over 30 Year’s experience in Indian IT Service Industry.


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“We offer a combination of both Red & Blue team capabilities (hence the name “Purple Team”) and, in the process, improve the effectiveness of both. However, we would caution against a too-literal interpretation of the terms ‘Purple’ or ‘Team’ – think of it rather as an external help that enables your organization to be more effective in security. The effectiveness of both your red & blue teams, if you have them. If not, it is a substitute for both.

The image alongside, by April Wright, tells you how we think about ourselves. Daniel Meissler’s excellent article outlines the finer differences between the various teams.”

Why the name
‘Purple Team’?