About the company

Purple Team is an expertise based boutique consulting firm that is focused only cyber security, specifically on the problems of security on the cloud.  You will need us if you have a problem in ensuring that your security is adequately provisioned or if you need a partner to ensure that your product will be ready for a broader eco-system level deployment.


Sridhar has over 30 Year's experience in Indian IT Service Industry.

  • Security Expertise
      • Currently Sridhar is the vCISO for a few Cloud native companies
      • He has been invited to  conducted Digital Forensics for Co-op bank which had lost money from its accounts to a bad actor
      • Sridhar designed & integrated an SSO based IAM for a fintech company
  • Career Highlights
      • Sridhar has headed Business Units(BUs) in various companies, independently handling all aspects of running a BU like sales, relationship management, delivery, quality, security and HR.
      • As the Strategic Account Manager, he has managed customer relationships worth more than $ 300 Million. These relationships have been complex & multi-faceted for both organizations.
      • He has also independently conceptualized and taken new-to-the-world offerings to market in various organizations.
      • Having worked closely with companies like British Telecom, Ericsson, Cisco etc, Sridhar has an excellent background in High Technology customers and has been part of their digital transformation journeys. His strong background in Telecom & embedded programming has helped in these roles.
      • He is also a successful entrepreneur and was last heading Last Mile Consultants in its growth phase.
      • He is CISA Certified & AWS Certified.


Why the name
'Purple Team'?